Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Music Box: Kaki King

My first musician feature, and I couldnt possibly think of anybody better for it. Kaki is a talented young singer/songwriter and guitarist with a beautiful voice and incredible guitar skill.
Not all of her songs have both; in particular her first two albums have an instrumental focus and are more about guitar technique (for example, listen to 'Playing with Pink Noise'! It's amazing.) But her more recent releases let her vocals come through and her guitar work is simpler.
She's played with musical acts such as Foo Fighters, Northern State and Tegan & Sara, and I definitely think (as well as keeping my fingers crossed for her!) that she has the potential to make it big. To me, all of her music is fabulous but my chosen favourite is 'My Insect Life' - a more simple, vocal-based track from her second album; 'Legs to make us Longer'. Take a listen:

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