Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Fawn in the Flowers

He curls up in the undergrowth, snout to tail, ears alert. His mama has given him splotchy dots all over his tiny body to keep him safe.

When she returns he will leap up with joy, awkward bandy legs splaying out in all directions - a dance of relief.

oil painting by saidthefawn - photograph by Jeff Dyck

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Seabirds and Scarlet Locks

At the moment I'm stuck right in the middle of revision. It's tedious and hard and I can't wait for it to be all over. I'm also slightly concerned about my attitude towards this period of concentrated study, usually I find it much more easier to get into 'the zone' and get to work. This time, however, I'm so much more easily distracted and I'm finding it difficult to just concentrate and get into my books. A facebook ban should help me on my way, providing I've got the willpower to hold it out...

But it can't all be study, study, study. As always, the creativity bug bites when I'm supposed to be knuckling down to schoolwork, so as of late I've been working on my first ever oil painting. When my grandpa died about ten years ago I inherited all of his art supplies, and since paint lasts a long time - especially oil paint - it's all still useable. During a recent raid of one of my local art shops I found some pre-stretched and primed canvases on sale, and remembering the oil paints gathering dust at the back of my art cupboard.. Well, I couldnt resist.
The reference image is a stunning photograph by *Lightrae on DeviantART, who kindly gave me permission to use it - I can't resist a good puffin! ;) For a first attempt at oils, I'm pleased - though I feel I need to be bolder with the paint since there's so much canvas texture showing through.

Painted puffins aside, I'm feeling the urge to do something bolder with my hair now that I'm (soon to be) free from A-levels. Usually I'm not so bothered about my hair (this much is evident..) However, I've decided that since I'll only be young once then I should rid the desire to dye my hair obnoxious colours well and truly from my system ASAP. Furthermore, I've been missing my lovely long locks ever since I had a moment of lacking sensibility and had them lopped off. So, soon I'll be embarking on a journey of layering, bleaching, colouring and extensions to transform my bonce from this...

...To something very similar to this (Photograph by my lovely friend Felice Fawn!):
Photos will be taken when it's done. I'm nervous, but hopefully my follicles will withstand the bleaching!