Thursday, 4 March 2010

controlled coursework and crayon box birds

I feel quite fortunate that none of my A-level subjects involve coursework as many of my friends despair over impending deadlines and fifth/sixth/seventh drafts - The subjects that I study package what is considered as coursework-type stuff neatly up into exams - or, in the case of Biology and Chemistry, into Investigating Skills Assessments (ISAs) - One of which [Biology] has been happening this week, and the exam portion is tomorrow.
So, here I am, in a short break between revising various bits and pieces on photosynthesis, and statistical tests that Biologists use. I certainly feel more confident about Biology than Chemistry, though with hard work the gap should be bridged.
In other news, I've recently been discovering the joys of photography groups on DeviantART, and birds top the list of favourites for me - especially the ones that look like little feathery jewels.

European Bee Eater by ~PauloALopes

Kingfisher by =Thrumyeye

Toucan by =oO-Rein-Oo

All of these were found at the 'Bird-Photography' group on DeviantART - I seriously suggest a peek, there are many more. :)